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Meghan Sahli-Wells

Meghan Sahli-Wells and her family. Photo Credit: Todd Johnson

Number of Kids:
2 boys, Emilien 13 & Lucien 10

City Councilmember

A brief bio:
As Culver City's immediate past Mayor, Meghan Sahli-Wells is entering her fourth year as a member of the City Council in Culver City. [Read More At Meghan's website.]

How long you've lived in Culver City:
I moved to Culver City at age 11 & lived here until I went to college. I came back to live in my childhood home in 2007 with my husband and kids. That makes 15 years if you put them all together, with many visits in the interim.

Funniest Thing One of Your Kids Has Done or Said Lately:
We're always making up silly songs together. They probably look lame written down, but in the moment, we get big laughs as we're making up the words & improvising the music. The latest one was just today as we were baking - sung to the tune of Ernie's "Rubber Duckie" song:
"Mini cookie you're the one
You make my snack time lots of fun
Mini cookie you're the only one for me.
Mini cookie I love you
I'm going to eat one, maybe two
Mini cookie you are so much fun
Mini cookie you are really yum
Mini cookie you're the only one for me!"

Favorite Thing To Do With Kids in Culver City:
Ride our bikes to Jackson's Market for a coffee & treat in the back patio. It's like a mini-vacation.

Favorite Thing To Do Without Kids in Culver City:
Dinner at a Downtown restaurant & a play at the Kirk Douglas theatre.

Best Family Outing Beyond City Limits:
We love going for Dim Sum in Chinatown or camping with a big group of friends.

If you could give anyone a Pro Tip, what would it be:
Our younger son got really interested in cooking at a very young age, and we've always encouraged this talent by taking him to the Farmer's Market, growing our own herbs & vegetables & cooking together. Now at 10, he's baking perfect Meyer lemon tarts complete with handmade crust & thinking about opening up a restaurant some day.

Our older son was in the free afterschool program at the Actors' Gang, and is now in the outstanding Culver City Middle School Improv program. He's got great stage presence, an incredibly creative mind & maybe even a future in acting.

Okay, I'm bragging about my wonderful boys here, but the larger point is that Culver City has key resources to foster young talents, curiosities & life skills. They are simple like a weekly market or a backyard, accessible like a free class or afterschool program. The tip is to respect the interests of your kids & take advantage of what the city has to offer. Finding resources close to home - without big commutes or costs - can lead kids far in life!

Anything else you would like to share to local moms or families moving here:
Wow, most of my answers to your questions involve food! The kids were born in Paris and my husband is French - so there's definitely a cultural aspect here. Beyond that, I guess one of the main things that brings the family together every day is eating. We try to make it a fun, creative & participatory moment instead of a battle (though we do insist on good table manners, which is not always pleasant for the kids). When we get crazy busy, stressed out by school & work, preparing a meal & coming together around the table is our big moment. We're trying not to blow it!

Nominate yourself or someone you know for the next Mom of the Month!

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