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Culver City Moms' October 2015

Mom of the Month

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Mariena Quintanilla or "Mrs. Q"

Mariena pictured with her family

Number of kids:
two energetic young boys

Product Management - I work in the Tech scene trying to figure out what to build and how it should work.

How long you've lived in Culver City:
5 years

About Mariena:
Mariena is a technology leader and has worked in Advertising Technology companies for the last ten years. She is a busy-body who loves being active and outdoors whenever possible.

Funniest Thing One of Your Kids Has Done or Said Lately:
My 5-yr old is always saying thugs that make me turn my head. When he's upset he talks like a teenager and when he's calm his wisdom surprises me.

Favorite Thing(s) To Do With Kids in Culver City:
Hike up the Baldwin Hills lookout. It's a short enough hike you can start to build up little one's endurance; but if they run out of steam you don't have to carry them long.

We also love taking the kids to galleries each month during Art Walks in the Helms Art District. They happen most second Saturday evenings of each month and the kids can usually handle 3-4 galleries. It's a great opportunity to expose them to art and to talk about art. Plus - open bar!

Favorite Thing To Do Without Kids in Culver City:
CrossFit at DogTown. The community is great and I love that the coaches stress form and listening to your body while still pushing you to challenge yourself and do your best. I feel my best when I'm working out whether CrossFit, running up to Bill Botts field or biking to the beach on the Ballona Creek bike path. There are lots of options to live an active life here.

Best Family Outing Beyond City Limits:
We really enjoyed San Pedro. We had amazing seafood with a mariachi band playing nearby and then toured the USS Iowa.

If you could share a Pro Tip, what would it be:
Bring snacks wherever you go and set expectations. I find my kids to be pretty reasonable human beings when they aren't hungry and when they know what we're doing and when an activity will change. I like to give a 5-min and a 1-min "alarm" then leave exactly when I said we would.

Nominate yourself or someone you know for the next Mom of the Month!

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